Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I find this all very suspicious.
I mean, we have governments up in arms. Why?
Because a man is accused of sexually molesting a couple of women. This has got to be a first.
Without going into the details of whether he's guilty or not, or the ethical rights or wrongs of the the things made public by Wikileaks. If governments always responded like this to petty criminals, not only would they have no time for anything else, but probably half the MPs would be arrested too.
No, it is obvious that what has narked certain powerful individuals are the leaks, which have quite plainly seriously embarrassed them.
Anyone who is interested in these things will know, that in this day and age, the one thing which unscrupulous people in authority fear most, is publicity. It brings them down; it is their greatest enemy; they are powerless against it; it makes them tremble. Hence the reaction.
Yes, many parts of the media are pretty base, but, without press freedom - and I'm afraid that has to include things like Wikileaks - we go down the slippery slope of Robert Mugabe and his henchmen and every other despicable regime we would care to mention.
They cannot simply come down on Wikileaks in an arbitrary, authoritarian manner (because of our laws which were founded in Christian principles). So, it would appear, they are using the good old "fabricated, or trumped-up charges" method.
Unless, of course, I am wrong.

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  1. Just been watching Wolf Hall, it's still happening